Oftentimes as software engineers, or generally as consultants, we want to keep track of our time for maximum profit. There are many time-tracking tools out there. I use Nokotime

Did you know NokoTime is built with Rails?

Logging your time is good and all, but I had an issue with this. While working in my terminal, I had to leave the comfort of my terminal screen into some web page to log time. This context switch made me feel like I was losing time, albeit seconds, time nonetheless. I thought to fix this.

The solution provided by NokoTime is an application which sits on your Mac status bar. You can start it or stop it. When the time recording is stopped, it puts the time up at NokoTime as a logged time for the information you entered beforehand. While this worked flawlessly, I still had the problem of context switching.

Did you know the Mac app for NokoTime is built using RubyMotion?

Bellboy is a commandline tool which allows you log time right from the comfort of your terminal.

$ ./bellboy

  bellboy projects
  bellboy log TIME --for PROJECT_ID
  bellboy [-h | --help]
  bellboy [-v | --version]


    PROJECT_ID    The ID of the PROJECT to log time for
    TIME          Time in minutes

At this time, you can see all your projects on NokoTime, and you can also log time for a particular project. I am thinking of more features to add which makes this easier to work with. Maybe a Vim plugin? I don’t know. If you have ideas, please open an issue.